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Panorama Tower Miami

This is by far the BEST communication and broadcast site in Florida!

We have plenty of space, just waiting for you! This is not our only rooftop. We have a rooftop for every need, from 200 feet to 868 Feet. 

Plug and Play Studio Construction

Over the years Radio Station Construction has become increasingly easier. In the old days everything involved soldering and lots of it.  Now it’s just about all “plug and play”.

Here is what we do. We purchase a 25 foot, 16 Channel XLR Snake for less than $80.00 

We then remove the outer rubber sheath and separate the 16 XLR Wires.  Now we have 16, 25 foot, XLR cables for $5.00 each. Most all broadcast components are either XLR,  or TRS. From here it’s easy.  we can convert these cables to just about anything with adapters: A better way to login to remote computers.

Are you looking for a super way to log into multiple computers and not break the bank. has you covered. Seldom does software appear that mimics the big guys and is as good or better for a great deal less money. I have used many of them Logmein and GoToMyPC. Logmein was costing me almost $2,000.00 a year for 30 computers.  Someone then suggested I was skeptical because was so much less expensive.