WJPP New Transmitter Site

April, 25, 2018: WJPP, Prince of Peace Catholic Radio (Palm City, Stuart FL) moves to new tower site s few miles north of the original site. This site pushes the antenna up to 125 feet on the tower and positions the antenna off the tower for better signal control.

We installed special equipment to keep us on the air in the event Comcast service is lost. We also have the ability to reset all the equipment automatically and remotely after a power failure or internet outage. This transmitter site has the ability to put Catholic audio on the air from the primary source, the studio feed via the Barix  500. Should the Internet go down the system will automatically the satellite on the air. The satellite dish and receiver is located here at the transmitter site. Should the satellite fail the Barix 500 will play 12 hours of programming from a USB Thumb Drive before repeating. Should the internet at the studio fail but the internet at the tower site remain active the system automatically switches the EWTN Reflector on the air. Once the internet is restored the system returns to its normal operating mode. All this information is locally logged via the Broadcast tools  WVRC 4 Plus remote control system, then immediately relayed to the engineer upon restoration.

All the equipment at this remote transmitter site is  isolated by UPS and special Surge Protection as well a Halo ground system in the building and a ring ground system outside.





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