Is Big Brother Listening?

It’s Your Choice!

I am really tired of hearing all the stories about how awful the Amazon Dot’s are. There must be hundreds if not thousands of articles about how an unsuspecting child ordered porn products by accident. HowJeff Bezos, Tim Cook and Bill Gates are taking over the world by recording everything everyone who has their devices is saying. One of our listeners told me the Echo Dot is the work of the devil and it is demon possessed. You know that never occurred to me. Well, I suppose we need to put these devices on our worry list just like the “Never Trumpers”.jeff-bezos-blue-origin-launch_1200xx768-434-173-341

The Echo device is like any other convenience. When used properly you have NOTHING to worry about. If you are concerned about Jeff listening to your conversations then just push the Microphone button until the ring turns red. When that ring is illuminated red the microphone is totally turned off. You can continue to listen to your music or station. When you want to change the music or ask Alexa a question, push the microphone button again and ask away. Now, when you do that Jeff can hear you, then he tells Alexa to do what your asked her to do. Once your are back to your music or programs, again push the Microphone button until the ring turns red again. Once again Jeff can’t hear you.

You must understand all this recording business is necessary for the instrument to work properly. The more recording it does the smarter it gets. I personally have no issue with this, since no one pays any attention to what I say anyway. Yes, it does keep track of items you look up, purchases and questions you ask. So what’s wrong with that? I like the idea, when I search Amazon the items BillGatesHeadphonesI am interested in suddenly appear. I don’t have to purchase them! It is my opinion, this is a wonderful device. Now, if you are really worried, sell it immediately on Ebay, then you will have no more worries about the device. If you really are that concerned, perhaps you should also throw away your voice activated TV, your cell phone and maybe if you have a new talking refrigerator  you should consider getting rid of that. Now, try to remember how many things Seri has heard you and your family say over the past few years.

Finally, here is something to consider. CookHeadpgonesIf Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Tim Cook  are doing all that listening perhaps we have learned another lesson. Since they are the richest people in the world and are doing all that listening, maybe we should stop talking so much and start doing a lot more listening!

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