Panorama Tower Miami

Panaroma Tower opened yesterday May 30, 2018. This is by far the BEST communication and broadcast site in Florida! Why?

  • 868 Feet Above it All.
  • The Most Secure Site in Florida
  • Backup Generator available. 
  • No Hurricane is going to blow us over
  • Full Fiber services
  • Constant Frequency Compatibility database for every new client  
  • Separate Power Distribution for Each Client.
  • Halo Grounding
  • This site was designed by Broadcasters and Communications engineers with 100’s of combined years of experience. 


Our rooftop management team knows the Miami area well, since our start with the Candelabra Tower Hollywood at I-95 and Pembroke Road, in 1968.

We have plenty of space, just waiting for you! This is not our only rooftop. We have a rooftop for every need, from 200 feet to 868 Feet.

Here is a video I made February 2, 2018

Here are some more pictures taken May 30, 2018 from the roof top. Ron Crider and Tony Elejalde one of our associates.

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