Plug and Play Studio Construction

Over the years Radio Station Construction has become increasingly easier. In the old days everything involved soldering and lots of it.  Now it’s just about all “plug and play”.

Here is what we do. We purchase a 25 foot, 16 Channel XLR Snake for less than $80.00 

We then remove the outer rubber sheath and separate the 16 XLR Wires.  Now we have 16, 25 foot, XLR cables for $5.00 each. Most all broadcast components are either XLR,  or TRS. From here it’s easy.  we can convert these cables to just about anything with adapters:

  • XLR to TRS Male or Female.
  • XLR to XLR Splitters, Male or Female.
  • Going to a Broadcast Tools Switcher, Just cut one end off the XLR Cable
  • XLR to 1/8 Inch

You can get just about anywhere with and XLR Cable. Please watch the short video to get the idea.

Remember, anything your purchase from our Amazon links will get you free installation help from us. The Catholic Radio Association members get additional help from us.

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