Streaming Metadata

May 2018: This is a special Video Blog for the Catholic Radio Association, May 2018. This Video Blog deals with Streaming Metadata for your Catholic Radio Station. This demonstration utilizes the BSI Simian Automation System and the Securenetsystems Streaming Services.

Streaming Metadata is one of the most important tools in your streaming tool box. This feature is an “absolute must” for all streaming stations. If you aren’t streaming metadata you are behind the curve.

Streaming Metadata adds a visual component to your programming. The benefit to your listener is a visual way for them to know what program is on the air at the present time as well as constantly displaying the call in number. Metadata can also shows your listener what programs are coming up.

During your Pledge Drive you can display your phone number constantly as well a visually updating your listeners as to the progress of the drive.

Metadata is a major add-on asset for your Underwriters. During the Underwriter’s audio spot playing, the listener will also see displayed on their screen the Logo of the Underwriter, the Phone Number and Website.

This Video Blog is 14 minutes. Our company will also offer free help services for Members of the Catholic Radio Association to new BSI Simian and SecurenetSystems users. Please text Ron Crider at 772-913-2209 he will call your back. You must give him your name, call letters and phone number. If you have Ron Crider setup your streaming with Securenetsystems Ron Crider will assist you in building your players.

Please enjoy this Video Blog.


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