dualmon.com A better way to login to remote computers.

May 1, 2108: Are you looking for a super way to log into multiple computers and not break the bank. dualmon.com has you covered. Seldom does software appear that mimics the big guys and is as good or better for a great deal less money. I have used many of them Logmein and GoToMyPC. Logmein was costing me almost $2,000.00 a year for 30 computers.  Someone then suggested dualmon.com. I was skeptical because dualmon.com was so much less expensive.

Check these rates out! At first I was sure there was a catch. What is missing? Was this just the starter price? This can’t be true? Well, I have now been using dualmon.com for six months. As it turns out, it’s better than advertised.

Best for Businesses

Computers Price / year
25 $149
50 $199
100 $249
250 $399
500 $649
1000 $999

 Meeting: Part of the dualmon.com package is Meeting. When selected Meeting, permits you to have another person observe what your are doing. This feature is present on all computers at no additional charge.

Audio:  You can listen to audio on the remote computer. In our Simian Automation program you can listen in cue any audio files in Sound hound.

File Transfer: This feature permits you to transfer files easily in to the remote computer.

I strongly recommend dualmon.com for broadcasters who have numerous computers. Please contact me if you are interested in the dualmon.com remote software program. If you sign up through me I can get you some free months. Please contact me at roncrider@gmail.com or you may leave a message below. My referral code is XEAYPNEQ.  https://dualmon.com/invite/xeaypneq

On-Demand Remote Assist: This is another software program dualmon.com offers. This program is very helpful with your clients. Just give them a login code and you can login to their computer and help them with their computer. The price for this service is just $99.00 a year.  I use this daily with my clients and friends. It is so much easier than trying to explain on the phone or email. For security, once you sign off  you no longer have access to their computer until you give them another login code.

Thank you for reading this Blog.  Please let me know if it was helpful.

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