Confidence Monitoring Radio Stations

May 11, 2018: Here is a tried and proven method of “Confidence Monitoring” your group of radio stations. We have used this method for the past 7 years. You, absolutely must know if your station is off the air. Please watch the short video on this as well.

First we place a Barix Instreamer at the each station’s transmitter sites. That Instreamer is driven with a Tivoli Radio. We use the Tivoli radio because it is very reliable and in the event of a power failure, when the power returns the radio will remain on the frequency your set. We give that Instreamer a Public Static IP address and set it for MP3 streaming. By doing this you can monitor the station’s audio from anywhere your cell phone will work.

The Instreamer is streaming audio to a Barix 100 Extreamer located at the studio. The Extreamer at the studio sends it’s audio to Radio Design Labs RU-SM 16D Meter System. It also send the audio to a Broadcast Tools Audio Sentinel 4 Web.  The Audio Sentinel 4 will close a relay and send that information to a Broadcast Tools WVRC-8 Plus. The WVRC 8- Plus will log and date stamp when the audio failed and returned. It will also sound an alarm at the Monitor point and send an email to up to 8 people.

Please watch this short 7 minute video I made to demonstrate how this works.

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